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What do I need to do to tryout for the Badminton Team?

Annual Physical & accompanying paperwork is required August 10th

The annual Athletic Registration, which all high schools in the state must finish, can be completed online at the website bghsathletics.com. Parents will open an account and once done, go to the upper right corner where it says “Register An Athlete” to begin the process and register as a parent. Once all this is all done, you will need to hand in your physicals to Miss Blasdel, the Athletics Secretary at the pride Office.  . Please start this process as soon as possible as it will take some time to accomplish.

Team Tryouts and Participation

There are three different levels that a girl can play on.  As you would expect, Varsity is the top-level program that is made up of the most experienced athletes that have an understanding of the game and higher competition level.  There are only six girls on the squad.  Our second level of competition is Junior Varsity, which also only has six players on it, and is normally composed of second year athletes moving up from our third tier team. Second year competitors are generally sophomores or juniors.  

The third and final team is designated as an “exhibition team”, meaning that they will get an experience of playing, but the match itself is not recorded, much like a club program.  To be sure, we have this level for first year players, normally freshman or sophomores, which have no understanding of the game or a concept of high school athletics. We can keep any number of players on this level but normally we only want to keep six girls for many reasons, but here is our greatest concern. We practice about 80% of the season in our badminton gym, which only has six total courts. Keeping more than 18 girls prevents each girl from getting necessary time on court to learn needed skills.

To this end, we have come up with some tryout policies that insure we are being fair and equal with regard to each person coming out for the team.

1.)     Varsity level or 1st squad will be composed of the six best girls in the program who qualify by playing and defeating all other teammates. They can be any level in school, freshman to senior.  Seniors are required to play varsity, and may not play any other level including exhibition.

2.)     Junior Varsity or 2nd squad will be composed of the next six best players; numbers seven through twelve on the team ladder.  While the squad will generally have second year players on it, first year players could also play JV as well.

3.)     The exhibition team  or 3rd squad will have as little as two but no more than eight girls playing on it; the optimum is four. Freshman players are given first consideration for this team followed by sophomores.  Juniors will be kept only if space exists.  Keep in mind that other high schools are not required to have an exhibition program and may show up with just a varsity and JV team.  We have seen schools with one extra player, while one school had sixteen extra.  When exhibition players go to matches, they will play whoever may be there, including seniors players, or, they may not get to play at all.  We do as much as possible to secure playing experiences for our players.

4.)     Once a player has made the team, they may or may not stay in that position.  “Challenging” which takes place throughout the season, continues to update the team ladder or position a player has.  Exhibition players always have the opportunity to play JV, and JV players always have the chance to challenge varsity players.

5.)     If a player is ineligible or dropped from the program, the coaching staff will determining who will take the athletes place, and in what order until the next challenge can be arranged.

Be part of the team!

Here is everything you need to know.

*Date of tryouts: August 10th - 14th, 2020

*Time: Plan on being at the gym Monday by 6:00pm and if you are cleared, you can practice. The practice is two hours.

*Location: You will meet us in the main gym. Park in the student lot on 27th Ave and enter the gym.  After meeting with the coach you can get started

*Dress: Please be ready to practice in shorts, T-shirt and court shoes.

*Requirements:  All athletes MUST be cleared by the athletic office. 

Go to “Questions” Link on this site for information on how tryouts and positions are decided.