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Most Asked Questions

Q:  Is there tryouts?

A:  Yes, they are required by all school teams and every level. Our tryouts will begin on August 10th and end August 14th 2020.  Freshman may continue to tryout late, but must be eligible and at practices by at least September 21st. 

Q:  Do I have to know anything about badminton?

A:  That would help but we are looking for girls who are athletic and want to learn.  No one, except our returning players, will come in with a great amount of knowledge so the playing field is level.  

Q:  How many teams and how many players are kept?

A:  Ideally, we have three squads with no more than 6 on the Varsity and 6 on the JV.  The third squad is called exhibition that normally has 6 on it as well.  That number may be hard to come up with or we may have a few extras.  We will attempt to keep everyone who is interested and wants to play but will not keep more than 24.

Q: Do you have to be an upperclassman to play?

A: No, in fact I'm looking for more underclassman to play and like every other sport, we are working to build a complete program.  It takes years to be a champion and this sport is no exception.

Q: Is there a cost involved?

A: A player's bag will have everything from rackets and shuttles to shoes and practice gear.  But for the tryout and until you are sure you like the game, we will provide you with everything you need to get started. That said, remember that ever athlete, in every sport, must pay a district participation fee of $100, unless the parents show a hardship. Contact the athletic office for more information.

Q: Is there anything I can do to get started before tryouts?

A: Yes, check this website for important notices on the front page.  Clinics are being planned at different times of the summer that can benefit you in many ways. 

Q: What do players wear for tryouts or practice?

A. Badminton is a quick game where clothing could get cumbersome.  Plan on not wearing long or heavy shorts or tops.  Players generally find that light tops and spandex or light material shorts are best for this game, very much like a volleyball player's practice gear.  The best shoes, which most players don't have is badminton court shoes or volleyball shoes.  Basketball shoes are too heavy while running shoes can become dangerous while sprinting for a quick shot and rolling an ankle.  Don't worry about buying shoes until you make the team and then we will talk about what is available.

Q: Will there be any expectation of playing off-season tournaments or club badminton type programs in order to be a member of this program.? 

A: This program is individual in every detail.  You will meet with the coach only in the summer and during the season.  After that, whatever you do and play in is completely up to you.  The staff will make information available and you can choose to go or not.  It is advisable that you maintain some form of fitness on the off season.

Q: What if I miss tryouts, can I still make a team later?

A:  It's possible, but that is based on your previous skill level or athleticism , and if all 24 spots have been filled.  Remember, pre-season camps and tryouts account for about 20 hours of training time.  To say that you will be behind is an understatement.

Q: OK, I'm interested, what is the first thing I need to do?

A: This web site will give you all the information you need to stay in touch with the program, however, you must be cleared to tryout. This process takes time so start today so you will be ready. Go to the Tryouts Page for everything you need.