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Goldwater Badminton - Team Code

Parent’s and athletes,

Badminton, while unlike most athletic programs, has the same basic educational values and goals that most coaches strive to instruct to their teams. These goals involve such values as sportsmanship, discipline, team, reliability, and teachability.  I understand that without help from parents, some of these values cannot be attained.  To this end, I’m placing our player’s code here so that both parents, and players can see what we expect our athletes to do while in season.

PRACTICE (discipline, reliability) - All team members must be at and on time to all in-season practices unless excused IN ADVANCE by the coach. Except for emergencies, notifying the coach the day of the absence is not considered to be advance notification.  Become familiar with all schedules, and plan ahead so that you can avoid conflicts whenever possible.  Give your coach as much advance warning as you can, you are important in practice.   If you have a job, don’t use it as an excuse to miss any team function. 

Notify coach about missing practice - “Remind” him by 2:20 and leave a message, this includes illness.  Do not have a friend tell the coach.  

Absent from practice per season:

1st Time: Discuss issue with coach and review of policy.

2nd Time: Discuss issue with coach and review of policy.

3rd Time:  Forfeiture of position until next challenge match. Player will be placed at 6th position JV. If a senior, player is placed at Exhibition 1.
4th Time:  Suspended contest & Final Warning
5th Time:  Cut from program

Training Room Polices

•    If you have a possible injury, have it checked out by the trainer.

•    If you have an injury, especially the type that keeps you from performing in normal workouts, you must be involved in some type of treatment or rehabilitation program. Don’t just go home!!!

•    See the trainer and get a rehabilitation plan and time schedule.

•   Each time you do get treatment, make sure you have it logged by the trainer.  We will be monitoring your treatment program.

MATCH RESPONSIBILITIES (team, reliability)

Except for illness or family emergencies, players are expected to be at every scheduled match. While exhibition players are given some latitude regarding this rule, Varsity and JV players must be in attendance and compete. Failure to follow this rule can result in immediate forfeiture of position or dismissal from the program all together.  Because of factors such as ladder adjustment, doubles partners, or a diminishment of competitiveness, any Varsity player who knowingly misses a match for recreational reasons, or a job, will be cut from the program immediately.

Students are expected to be in school on the day of an athletic contest. A student must be in attendance for a minimum of 3 classes on the day of an athletic contest. Any class that a student-athlete misses must be excused by a parent.

 Court Set-up

Athletes are always required to set the nets for both practice and game days.  They also must take them down.

Home Matches

•   The team must be in the gym (dressed to play) no later than 45 min prior to the scheduled match time (3:15pm)

•   The team must set the nets by 3:00.

•   The team will not meet after the contest.

•   All players are required to help in taking down nets after their final match.

Away Matches

•   Remember that you are representing your school.  Behave in a manner that will not reflect poorly.

•    Abide by all rules of study time, free time.

•    A release is required from the AD's office if a player is not traveling to a site with the team.  The form must be received a minimum of one day in advance.

•    It is clearly stated here that NO player may leave another school campus for any reason unless their parent or guardian signs them out.  Once signed out coaches will not be responsible for the player's movement.

•    Only parents and guardians on file have the power to sign a player out.  Siblings, grandparents, aunts, etc., even if on file, must have prior approval from the athletic director's office. Friends, and neighbors can not take players home from a contest, and can not sign a student out.

•    The team must be in the gym (dressed to play) no later than 45 minutes prior to the scheduled match time.

Concentrate on the game.  Keep your mind on the court and not the stands.

Respect (sportsmanship)

Lack of respect for fellow team members, coaches, officials and opponents will not be tolerated. Unsportsmanlike conduct, deliberate profane or vulgar language, and loafing or failing to give maximum effort will be grounds for dismissal from the program.  The penalty is at the coach's discretion.

ACADEMICS (discipline, team, reliability)

The team goal is a 3.1 unweighted GPA.  This qualifies our Varsity squad for state recognition in academics.   You must do your part in improving or maintaining your current GPA. It will take a high level of commitment and dedication to achieve or improve upon.

Academics precede all badminton functions.  You may miss practice or other team functions for the following reasons, however, you MUST tell the coach of the issue or risk a unexcused absence.

•     major tests scheduled the following day that you don't feel qualified to take.

•     unplanned class requirements.

•     major assignments due the following day, with the understanding that good time management and planning were involved in helping to prevent conflicts between academics and athletics.

You must remain academically eligible to participate in badminton.  Your grades will be checked each Thursday at 12:00 pm by the athletic secretary.

Rules of Eligibility - No Pass - No Play - The agreement between you and your teachers.

Your grades and your participation are controlled by your classroom teachers. If you become ineligible, the coaching staff has no choice but to keep you from competition, this includes even going to the event.  Become aware of participation rules and standards and keep yourself in the game.

1.) The 1st week of failure (called “pending list”) will result in a probation notification from the school.  You can still practice and compete.  If you bring up your grade, nothing further will be done. If you must take time off to get the grade up, please see the coach for timelines.

2.) If you fail the same class a second week in a row, you will be required to stay out of matches for one week, but you may still practice. You must meet with the classroom teacher to find out exactly what must be done to bring the grade up and the timelines to do it.  Your classroom teachers must indicate a pass within one week.

3.)  If you fail three times during the season, consecutive or not, you may be removed from the active list and be demoted to a 1st level (white) status unless there is a major issue that you have no control over.  While you can come to practice, you will not compete the rest of the season.  You may tryout the following year.  All school equipment will be due at this time.

Rules of Eligibility - Disciplinary  Actions - District Level

The following is information is consistent with all sports programs in the Deer Valley Unified School District


If student-athletes are suspended on or off campus, the following consequences are applied to their current season or the next season they will participate in, if they are not currently playing a sport:

1.Less than three days of suspension: In addition to missing practice during the suspension, the athlete will miss 10% of their scheduled competitions.

2.Less than five days of suspension: In addition to missing practice during the suspension, the athlete will miss 20% of their scheduled competitions.

3.Less than ten days of suspension: In addition to missing practice during the suspension, the athlete will miss 30% of their scheduled competitions.  *Athletes who receive a ten day suspension for drug use or possession who show satisfactory evidence of having registered for the DVUSD drug diversion program will be treated as if they had received a five day suspension.

4.Ten or more suspension days: In addition to missing practice during the suspension, the athlete will miss 40% of their scheduled competitions and may be removed from the team, based on the Athletic Director's discretion.

A competition day is defined as a scheduled competition during the season of the sport--including playoffs or other state events.  A tournament is considered one game for the purposes of this code of conduct regardless of how many days the tournament lasts or how many games or matches it includes.  Also, for the purposes of this code, application of percentages in relation to the game penalty will be rounded to the nearest whole number.  For instance, if the 20% application results in 2.4 games, the athlete will be expected to miss 2 games.  If the application results in 2.5 games, the athlete will be expected to miss 3 games.  If an athlete misses the established number of competition days during his/her suspension, that will satisfy the established number of missed competition.  Percentages are applied to the entire season of the sport.  For instance, if a basketball player is suspended for 8 days after their team has already played 12 games they are subject to a 30% suspension based on the typical 20 game season of the sport.  30% of 20 is 6, so this basketball player would not eligible to play again until the 19th game of the season. If a student-athlete is suspended out of season, the athlete will be required to miss the established number of competition days based on the length of the suspension. However, the same athlete will not be required to miss practices in addition to missed competition day(s).


Off campus student-athlete behavior that is not consistent with the six pillars of  Pursuing Victory with Honor, which includes trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship, will be met with athletic and/or school consequences.  Consequential off campus infractions include but are not limited to inappropriate posts on social media, drug/alcohol use, fighting, and infractions listed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook.  Consequences will be determined by the athletic department and can range from a conference to suspension and removal from the team.